Urban Natural Homes June 22, 2012

Architectural Salvage Companies


One of Seattle’s best kept secrets, especially for those of us concerned about the environment, are its architectural salvage companies. These businesses work with contractors, demolition companies and homeowners to save and recycle building material and interior decorative items from buildings that are being torn down. Items can include anything that can be taken from a house including doors, windows, flooring, trim, hardware, cabinets and plumbing fixtures as well as vintage decorative items such as lighting fixtures, stained glass, fireplace surrounds, tile, iron work, granite slabs, garden pieces and often some furniture pieces. You get the high quality seen in vintage materials for a fraction of what you are likely to pay for new materials! How great is that? But wait—there’s more! In addition to being a great resource for vintage materials, architectural salvage companies provide a valuable ‘green’ service for their communities. ReStore’s website notes that “200,000 buildings are demolished each year in the United States. The demolition of a modest 2,000 square foot house generates up to 127 tons of trash.” They go on to note that their store alone diverts close to 4 million pounds of waste per year. So if you’re interested in finding quality vintage materials while helping to save the environment, check out the architectural salvage businesses in our area!

Earthwise Architectural Salvage, Inc., 3447 4th Ave South, Seattle (SoDo)

Second Use Building Materials, Inc., 7953 2nd Ave South, Seattle (South Park)

The ReStore, 1440 NW 52nd St., Seattle (Ballard)