Urban Natural Homes October 18, 2012

Urban Walks: Carkeek Park


Carkeek Park is one of my favorite parks in Seattle and I’m always amazed when people say they’ve never been there. It is tucked away in a steep little canyon in the northwest Broadview area—which is probably why it’s stayed so beautiful and undeveloped. Carkeek Park has it all—220 acres of lush forest, meadows, wetlands, creeks and beaches. The beach is accessed from a pedestrian bridge (near the kid’s play area) that crosses the main lines of the BNSF Railway. One of my favorite ways to experience Carkeek Park is to park at the small trailhead lot north of the QFC on Holman Rd. and hike the forest trail to the beach on the other side. At this time of year the many deciduous trees lining the this path, including maple, alder and ash, are changing color—making it a fabulous time to make the trek.

Carkeek Park
950 NW Carkeek Park Rd. (Broadview Neighborhood)

Access by either going north on 3rd Ave and taking a left at the Carkeek Park sign (follow further signs down to the park) or by parking in the aforementioned trailhead lot north of the Holman Rd. QFC on NW 100th Pl.