Urban Natural Homes June 7, 2013

Local Nurseries: Flower World


On one of those wonderful, early ‘summer’ days we had a few weeks back, my friend Dahlia suggested that we head out to a nursery for a little plant shopping. I had remembered visiting a unique nursery called Flower World a while back, and even though I knew it was a bit of a drive (in Maltby, about 7 miles northeast of Woodinville) I suggested that we make the trek. I remembered that the size of the place was impressive, but I forgot just how amazing—and inexpensive—Flower World is. Ranging over fifteen acres, it is one of the largest retail nurseries on the West Coast. And unlike other nurseries in the area, Flower World doesn’t buy its plants from other growers. They grow their plants in their own greenhouses and production fields which is why their prices are so competitive. In addition to a massive retail space and extensive grounds with ponds and gardens, they also boast the Maltby Produce Market. Here you’ll find a selection of produce, fruit, herbs and dairy products, the majority of which is grown in their own production fields and supplemented with locally grown produce. Fresh eggs are gathered from a staggering variety of chickens that are housed near the market. And in addition to the chickens there are ducks, rabbits, pygmy goats, sheep, pheasants and some very showy peacocks to visit with. Flower World is a destination spot that is really worth the trip. And as long as you’re going through Woodinville, why not stop for a little wine-tasting on the way home as did Dahlia and I 🙂

Flower World
9322 196th St SE
Snohomish, WA 98296