Urban Natural Homes September 13, 2013

Urban Kayaking: Lake Union


I’ve been wanting to kayak ever since I moved to Seattle eons ago. What a wonderful way to take advantage of all the scenic waterways the Northwest has to offer. But somehow it always got put off…I guess it’s because I thought there would be lots of training involved—boy, was I wrong! A couple of weeks ago my friend Paula and I decided to ‘get our feet wet’ and rent kayaks at the Northwest Outdoor Center on Lake Union. The entire time they were fitting us with gear I was waiting for instructions. But once we got in the boats they said, “Press the left rudder to go left, and the right rudder to go right—have fun!” And that was it! Needless to say, I was a bit nervous at first. Sailboats, yachts and float planes all careened around and above us and I was supposed to avoid these huge obstacles? After a very short time, however, I got the hang of it. It all seemed to work; a symphony of kayakers, paddle boarders, boaters and pilots, all sharing the beautiful waters of Lake Union on a warm, lovely evening. At first it was clear and sunny, and then after making a round of the lake, the sun started to go down and the mood turned sultry and quiet. Paula and I sat in our kayaks facing downtown Seattle, viewing it at an angle and in a light we had never seen it in before. It was a wonderful, quintessential Seattle experience—one I would highly recommend!

Northwest Outdoor Center
2100 Westlake Ave N, Ste 1
Seattle, WA 98109