Urban Natural Homes April 2, 2015

Secret Parks: Boeing Creek Park & Shoreview Park


I have a new hobby. Whenever I’m out touring and I see a little green spot on my GPS indicating a park, I have to stop and check it out. This has allowed me to come across numerous natural areas that I was previously clueless about. One of my favorites so far is two adjoining parks in the Shoreline area next to Shoreline Community College that are called Boeing Creek Park and Shoreview Park. Shoreview Park is more of a recreational style park with a baseball field, tennis courts, playground, etc. It even has a dog park (although in my opinion, it’s not the best one in town). The real ‘secret park’ star, however, is Boeing Creek Park. William E Boeing, the founder of the Boeing Company, purchased the land in the late 1920’s to use as a private hunting and fishing retreat after building a home in the Highlands. He created a small dam along Boeing Creek which formed Hidden Lake, a small lake which is now a part of the park. When you first approach Boeing Creek Park from the north it doesn’t look like much. But as soon as you start exploring the wooded trails you discover just how varied and interesting the terrain is. Creek trails, deeply wooded areas, a small lake, steep inclines, flat areas, sunny spots—this park is a bit of a maze and a joy to explore!

Boeing Creek Park & Shoreview Park
17229 3rd Ave NW
Shoreline, WA 98133
www.city ofshoreline.com/government/departments/parks