Urban Natural Homes December 2, 2016

Winter Home Maintenance Tips


The air is getting chilly and winter is almost officially upon us. Time to check off the following winter home maintenance projects:

  • Have your furnace professionally checked and serviced and be sure to clean or replace the furnace filter on forced air systems.
  • To guard against drafts and heat loss, add weather stripping around doors and caulking around windows.
  • Inspect the insulation in your attic and crawlspace. Seal areas around the attic hatch, plumbing vents and recessed lighting.
  • If you don’t have double-paned windows, remove the screens and install storm windows. Inexpensive plastic-film sheet kits will suffice for a single season.
  • Protect exposed pipes in the attic, basement, crawlspaces, garage and outside areas.
  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters to allow rain and melting snow to properly drain. Be sure that downspouts are directing water away from the foundation.
  • Trim trees and shrubs away from the house and remove any dead branches that could potentially cause damage during wind, rain and snow storms.

Have a safe and cozy winter!