Uncategorized With All the Construction Going On, Why is Housing Inventory Still So Low?   The huge amount of construction going on in our area is currently a hot topic of conversation. Cranes, hammering, street signs—it seems like it’s everywhere! Yet despite all this building, the Seattle area continues to struggle with extremely low housing inventory. In fact, the National Association of Realtors estimates that our region is 70,000 […]
Urban Natural Homes Ask A Gardening Guru   My good friend, Stacie, has graciously agreed to lend us some of her horticulture wisdom in a new Urban Natural Homes newsletter article called “Ask a Gardening Guru.” Welcome Stac! You are currently in the process of completing the Master Gardener program. Will you briefly share your experience with us? Thank you, Tamara! The […]
Urban Natural Homes Should You Buy That Fixer-Upper?   In this crazy seller’s market, where multiple offers and escalating prices have become the norm, one strategy that many buyers consider is focusing their sights on a fixer-upper. The idea is that homes in less than great condition will garner less interest and, in turn, hopefully a more reasonable selling price. And of course […]
Urban Natural Homes Invasive Plants—Food for Thought   Our local retail nurseries reflect the prevailing purchasing attitudes in the US—basically we want it all! We don’t just want our native rhododendrons, ferns and columbines…we want to jazz up our gardens with unique, showy species from every corner of the globe. And with a global economy like we’ve never seen before, it’s no […]
Urban Natural Homes Materials to Avoid in a Kitchen Update   Whether you are looking to fix up your kitchen for resale, or just spruce it up, there are certain materials you will undoubtedly regret using in your updates: Inexpensive Laminate Counters and Vinyl Flooring: Natural materials make for beautiful surfaces on both countertops and flooring. However, not everyone can afford the hefty price tag […]
Uncategorized Easy Landscaping Tips for Instant Curb Appeal   Spring has sprung and many of us just can’t wait to get out into the garden to start planting. If, however, you are one of those who is hopelessly lacking in the green thumb department, but who would like a little more curb appeal, there’s hope. Read on for some easy landscaping tips that […]
Urban Natural Homes Forecast for the 2017 Seattle Area Housing Market   The 2016 Seattle area housing market story will probably not come as a surprise to anyone: inventory was low, prices were up, multiple offers were the norm, and median prices have finally rebounded to 2007 levels. So what can we expect for 2017? Across the board, analysts are predicting a slowdown and a return […]
Urban Natural Homes Winter Home Maintenance Tips   The air is getting chilly and winter is almost officially upon us. Time to check off the following winter home maintenance projects: Have your furnace professionally checked and serviced and be sure to clean or replace the furnace filter on forced air systems. To guard against drafts and heat loss, add weather stripping around […]
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Urban Natural Homes Damage Typically Not Covered by Home Owner’s Insurance   Choosing a home owner’s insurance carrier and policy is an important part of the home purchasing process. However, in the whirlwind of information coming at you during the transaction, it’s possible to miss some of the details in the policy and to believe that you are covered for damage when, in fact, you are […]
Urban Natural Homes Evaluating Potential Basement Remodels   This is the second article I’ve written on basement remodels recently – primarily because, as an agent, I know just how important the topic is for the Seattle real estate market. In an area where every square foot counts, a remodeled basement can dramatically extend living space to include additional bedrooms, office space, a […]
Urban Natural Homes Home Tips for Staying Cool when it’s Hot Outside   It’s become quite apparent over the last number of years that our overall weather patterns are changing and that more and more hot days are coming our way. And as many of us Northwesterners (myself included) melt when the thermometer peaks, I’ve compiled a list of home ideas for beating the increasing heat that […]
Urban Natural Homes Thinking of Renting Your Basement? Read This First!   Renting out the basement portion of a home has become extremely popular in the Seattle area. With Seattle’s high cost of living and high rents—and all that potential extra space not being use—it certainly makes sense. To avoid getting into some hot water, however, there are some things you need to know before placing […]
Urban Natural Homes Recreational Fire Regulations   I absolutely love an open flame fire pit… there is just something so primal and wonderful about sitting and watching the flames dance and crackle. I was recently at the new McMenamins in Bothell where they have five fire pits in an open courtyard that they light when the temperature gets 65 degrees or […]
Urban Natural Homes What Homeowners and Potential Buyers Should Know About Seattle Side Sewers   Once upon a time the idea of having a sewer scope done in addition to a standard inspection before purchasing a home was not commonplace. However, as Seattle’s homes are aging, sewer scopes are becoming an important aspect of the home buying process. The side sewer line refers to the pipe that exits the […]
Urban Natural Homes Is Old Insulation Hazardous?   In my recent blog article, Baby it’s Cold Outside, Part #2: Insulation, we looked at options for current insulation materials. But what about already existing insulation? The majority of homes in our area are pre-existing and come with some form of older insulation. When walking through old homes you can’t help but wonder about […]
Urban Natural Homes Baby it’s Cold Outside, Part #2: Insulation   Insulation is perhaps the single most important element in constructing an energy-efficient envelope, and the majority of pre-existing homes in America are currently under-insulated. Before adding insulation to your home, however, it’s important to understand what insulation is, where it should be installed and to do some research about the variety of insulation choices […]
Urban Natural Homes Baby it’s Cold Outside, Part #1: The Building Envelope   With winter fully upon us and as the thermometer dips, one’s thoughts can’t help but turn to the ever increasing energy bill. With today’s technology there are a plethora of new systems, appliances, gadgets and resources that can help lower that bill; but the single most effective thing you can do to conserve energy […]
Urban Natural Homes Rehab Loans for Both Buyers & Sellers   We all know that with historically low inventory the housing market out there is tight. Houses in popular areas that are in good condition are competitive and moving quickly. But what about the homes that aren’t in great condition and will require significant repairs and/or upgrades? Often these types of homes will sit on […]
Urban Natural Homes Earth911.com: Recycling the Tough Stuff   In recent years recycling has become an integral part of our culture. For many household items it couldn’t be easier—just throw it in a big can marked “recycling” and off it goes every other week. We don’t even have to spend time dividing it up anymore as someone else does it for us. There […]
Urban Natural Homes Daylighting: Bringing the Sunlight In   Using the sun to light indoor spaces—otherwise known as daylighting—seems like a no-brainer. Utilizing Mother Nature’s sun rays contributes to our over-all health and also decreases our dependence on electric lights, which consume energy and money. And yet is highly unlikely that the builder who constructed your home gave much, if any, thought to […]