Urban Natural Homes

Urban Natural Homes Xeriscape Gardening   Xeriscaping (derived from the Greek word Xeros, meaning dry) is landscaping and gardening that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. Plants whose natural requirements are appropriate to the local climate are emphasized, and effort is taken to avoid losing water to evaporation and run-off. So why xeriscape if you’re not […]
Urban Natural Homes Gardening in Parking Strips   I have to admit that until recently I hadn’t given much thought to gardening in parking strips, which is the strip of land in front of a property between the road and sidewalk. But in an urban environment where land is at a premium, it really makes sense to use every bit of it […]
Urban Natural Homes Urban Natural Homes–What’s in a Name?   You may have noticed the recent name change to Urban Natural Homes. Why the change? Well the fact is that most of us living in the greater Seattle area are living in an urban environment. Historically, the word “urban” has been used almost in opposition to the word “natural”. Since the industrial revolution our […]
Urban Natural Homes Earth Day: The Ballard Earth Day Street Party   Here's a fun way to celebrate Earth Day: Sustainable Ballard is partnering with Sunergy Systems, Giddy Up Burgers and New Roots Organics for a Ballard Earth Day Street Party!  These three sustainable businesses are located on the corner of Leary and NW 46th.  Guests can grab a burger and a drink from Giddy Up […]
Urban Natural Homes Secret Parks: Boeing Creek Park & Shoreview Park   I have a new hobby. Whenever I’m out touring and I see a little green spot on my GPS indicating a park, I have to stop and check it out. This has allowed me to come across numerous natural areas that I was previously clueless about. One of my favorites so far is two […]
Urban Natural Homes When Should I Hire an Architect?   In the core of Seattle, and even in the surrounding area, we have many homes that are really starting to show their age.  They may have “good bones,” be sturdily built and have that certain vintage charm, but ultimately many Seattle homes are in desperate need of some restructuring to make them livable and […]
Urban Natural Homes Current Trends in Mortgage Lending   I recently took an in-depth seminar on current trends in mortgage lending. It may sound a little dry at first, but it was actually quite fascinating. The most intriguing aspect of the class was its decidedly positive tone for potential buyers. Whereas news reports and articles (who often get their readership from sensationalism) have […]
Urban Natural Homes Save the Date: The Seattle Home Show, February 14th-22nd   The Seattle Home Show is the Northwest’s largest consumer home show with everything for the home – indoors and out – at two annual shows in downtown Seattle at CenturyLink Field Event Center. These shows present hundreds of exhibits including builders, remodelers, the latest appliances and fixtures, decorating, landscaping and more. The Seattle Home […]
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Urban Natural Homes Save the Date: The Phinney Home Design & Remodel Fair, Jan. 25th   The PNA Home Design and Remodel Fair features over 75 local contractors, architects, suppliers, designers, landscape professionals, non-profit groups, and permitting agencies. This year's theme is Get Connected, showcasing technological solutions to make your home smarter, automated or more efficient. Phinney Home Design & Remodel Fair Phinney Center Blue Building 6532 Phinney Ave N […]
Urban Natural Homes Best Houseplants for Improving Indoor Air Quality   Houseplants are a great way to bring nature indoors. I don’t feel like a room is visually complete without a few plants here and there. But it turns out that plants do a lot more for our general well-being than provide a little visual up-lift. Sure, we all learned in middle school biology that […]
Urban Natural Homes What You Should Know About Zillow ‘Zestimates’   One of the biggest changes to the real estate industry in recent years has been the public’s access to vast amounts of real estate data and information via the internet. While this is by and large a good thing and provides both buyers and sellers more empowerment, we all know the internet is basically […]
Urban Natural Homes Permeable Paving: New Thinking for Paved Surfaces   Paved surfaces are so integral to modern life that we rarely give it a second thought. Yet, as we pave more and more land we are creating some serious environmental problems. Traditional paving is not permeable, thus rainwater rushes around trying to find someplace to go rather than soaking into the ground. A whole […]
Urban Natural Homes Best Home Upgrades for Resale   Are you thinking about doing some home upgrades with resale in mind, but aren’t sure which ones actually make the most sense? While there are plenty of cost vs. value reports and numerous articles out there stating that this or that is the upgrade to make, the truth is that each house is going […]
Urban Natural Homes Paint Color Choices: Are You Planning on Selling—or Just Sprucing Up Your Abode?   One of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve the appearance of your home is through a few gallons of paint. But the colors you pick should be weighed with your ultimate goal: are you just jazzing the place up—or are you possibly looking to sell in the near future? If you’re looking […]
Urban Natural Homes Countertop Options: Concrete (Yes, Concrete!)   I, never in a million years, thought I’d be writing about concrete countertops. Like many people, I have thought of concrete as a boring, drab material good only for foundations and sidewalks. But I have to admit that the more I see this material used in homes, and the more research I do on […]
Urban Natural Homes The History of Windows   With all the progress made in building technology to date, nothing has the potential to change the appearance of our homes more than new window technology. We now have the ability to create wide expanses of glass, opening up to the outdoors and nature like never before, while still conserving energy and our precious […]
Urban Natural Homes WalkScore.com   The issue of neighborhood walkability has been growing recently by leaps & bounds. It’s actually an important over-all cultural topic that will lend fodder to many future articles. But, in order to introduce the idea of walkability, let’s focus on a growing trend in the real estate world: the website called WalkScore.com. Many readers […]
Urban Natural Homes Paint Safety   Of all the ways to spruce up your abode, whether for selling or for your own enjoyment, applying a fresh coat of paint ranks among the easiest and most cost effective options. That innocent seeming paint job, however, may have some hidden dangers, both in terms of removal of old paint and application of […]
Urban Natural Homes Small Space Gardening   Finally…’tis the season to get digging in the garden! We Seattleites love our gardens, but ‘gardening’ can mean different things to different people. Some of us may have huge yards or even acres to tend to, while others of us, especially urbanites living closer to the city core where land is scarce, may call […]
Urban Natural Homes Save the Date: Sustainable Ballard’s Rain Gardens & Cisterns Workshops, April 30th & May 1st   Learn about how rain gardens and cisterns help manage storm water, hear from delighted RainWise homeowners and get inspired by slides of their yards, meet trained RainWise contractors who can offer a free consultation, learn about big rebates from SPU and King County (averaging 86% of total cost), and get set to take the next step. RainWise Workshop – […]